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  Fighting broke out between the South and the North.



  a. 动词后加动名词doing作宾语 V. + doing sth

  admit 承认 appreciate 感激,赞赏 avoid 避免 complete 完成 consider 认为 delay 耽误 deny 否认 detest 讨厌 endure 忍受 enjoy 喜欢 escape 逃脱 prevent阻止fancy 想象 finish 完成 imagine 想象 mind 介意 miss 想念 postpone 推迟 practise 训练 recall 回忆 resent 讨厌 resist 抵抗 resume 继续 risk 冒险 suggest 建议 face 面对 include 包括 stand 忍受 understand 理解 forgive 宽恕 keep 继续


3app22270.COM  (1) Would you mind turning down your radio a little, please?

  (2) The squirrel was lucky that it just missed being caught.

  b. 词组后接doing

  admit to preferto be used to lead to devote oneself to object to stick to busy look forward to(to为介词)

  no good, no use, Its worth, as well as,

  cant help, Its no use /good be tired of

  be fond of be capable of be afraid of

  be proud of think of / about hold off